STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

"S" is the mathematical symbol of integration, the integration of all STEM programs, a multi-disciplinary approach.

"E" is the summation sign. Our sum, our togetherness is what defines STEM.

Join Us!

Welcome to STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs at Santa Rosa Junior College. STEM represents a unique approach to teaching and learning centered on student learning styles and interests and supporting a diverse student body; meaning that STEM has something to offer everyone.

STEM at Santa Rosa Junior College focuses on developing a higher level of thinking by connecting classroom learning with real world applications. STEM emphasizes technology, connects subjects and integrates disciplines such as English, social studies, science and math in ways that require skills in collaboration, communication, research, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity; skills that students need regardless of their specific interests or career goals.

We are here to support our diverse Sonoma County students in their educational paths by strengthening their ability to innovate, invent and problem solve.